My dear, I always try to put in your hands different and varied programs so that you can choose the most suitable one for you, and all of them aim to help you reach the ideal weight and to maintain your fitness at its highest levels.

And today I’m going to introduce you to the 6 Week Plan for 2023 designed by Anna Sarah Pop Fitt just for you.

Target of the 6-week plan for 2023:

  1. Full tummy tuck.
  2. Full midsection fat burning.
  3. Sculpting the shape of the buttocks to become the perfect shape whatever your body shape.
  4. Reducing and tightening the arms “If your goal is to enlarge the arms in this program, it is not suitable for you.”
  5. Sculpting the back and burning fat in it.
  6. Raise and rotate the butt.

For the diet:

First of all, my dear, allow me to give you a quick glimpse of the food plan we will follow together to achieve our goals without starvation or deprivation and this is what I explain to you in detail!

We will divide the food program into 3 stages each stage two weeks

The first stage: Meal sizing.

There will be no deprivation but we will only scale meals and quantities and what I mean by sizing meals is the right size, So we will divide our meals during the day into:

  • Grand meal:

And from its name it is the biggest meal of the day, which means that it must be Assorted As much as possible, for example, if you decide to eat your large meal for lunch, you can have rice with beans and grilled chicken in addition to a dish of salad, so your meal is varied and rich. You can also eat a delicious grilled meat with grilled potatoes roasted with a little olive oil, rose marie, vegetables and a plate of salad.

6 Week Plan For 2023
6 weeks plan.

But if you want to eat it for breakfast, try to diversify between cheese, labneh, eggs, olives, and vegetables according to your desire.

You are not restricted to a specific time, Choose the time and quantity that best suits you when you feel hungry and eat without getting satiated.

  • Medium meal:

It will be either a salad or a soup and also you are free to choose the time and type.

  • Small meal:

It will be a snack. a slice of toast with a spoonful of peanuts, dried fruits, nuts, Dark chocolate and more.

Choose what suits you.

Note: If you are over the age of 18, try not to eat too much milk and its derivatives.

The second phase: Commitment to the prohibited list.

Weeks 3-4

At this stage, you must completely stay away from everything that is included in the list of prohibited items, such as sugars, sweets, pastries, pans, and others.

Third stage: 2 on 2 system.

Weeks 5-6

In this period, we will prepare the body for fasting in the holy month of Ramadan, by following the 2 on 2 diet

For more information on this diet, watch the video:

A very, very important note:

Whatever your goal, half of your food should be protein. Increase your intake of chicken, legumes, fish and other useful sources of protein, as it is the basis for the success of any sports and diet. Also, do not forget to drink plenty of water.

For the sports program:

It will be updated daily Stay informed every day and visit the site to know your exercise for each day:

You have to repeat the existing exercises until they are changed on the site.

It will not harm you to stay away from harmful foods, on the contrary, your commitment to a healthy lifestyle will reflect positively on your physical and psychological health.

You too can start the journey of change with Sara, Just make the right decision.


With Sara Pop Fit:

Let me thin you! 6 Week Plan | 2023 |

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