Have you noticed after looking at your photos that you have a double chin, even though you look in the mirror on a daily basis and do not notice it? It seems very annoying when one of the camera angles captures your double chin, but do not worry, my dear, there are many solutions to get rid of it, and you also have quick Makeup solutions that will take care of it. There are many tricks that beauty experts have invented to hide the double chin, and they have succeeded completely.

In this article, learn the most important tricks and steps to help you hide the double chin and look your best. Stay with us.

The Double Chin

A double chin is the excess weight between the chin and the neck and makes the neck appear larger, giving the impression of aging. It changes the shape of the face and jaw, and people who are overweight have a double chin clearly, even eliminating the jaw line.

The Double Chin Causes

Most often, a double chin occurs due to obesity or being overweight. It is also possible that the cause is genetic. Even thin people may develop a double chin due to a lack of muscle density, which leads to a high percentage of body fat.

The Double Chin Treatment

Hide the Double Chin Treatment

There are many natural treatments to get rid of a double chin naturally without medical intervention, and that is through exercise, facial yoga, and some jaw exercises, but natural treatments take a long time to achieve clear results, and this is accompanied by diet and exercise to get rid of excess weight if it is the cause. Read about Facial Massage

Medical treatments include surgical intervention to get rid of the double chin. There are three surgical methods to get rid of the double chin:

  • Liposuction:

It is a common procedure that involves removing fat from under the skin through a small tube that is inserted into a small incision under the skin. The plastic surgeon also sculpts and contours the chin and neck to reshape the jaw line. It is a simple procedure that only requires local anesthesia to numb the affected area.

  • Neck lift:

Through this surgery, excess skin around the neck and chin is removed and the neck muscles are tightened. It may require liposuction and then a neck lift to improve the neck and chin circumference.

  • Face lift:

Through a facelift, the doctor removes any fat or sagging skin around the neck or chin. The facelift requires general anesthesia, and doctors often combine a neck lift and a facelift to achieve better results.

  • Deoxycholic injection:

It is a non-surgical alternative to get rid of the double chin, where the chin is injected with deoxycholic acid, which is a fat-dissolving substance. The treatment requires injections several times over a period of six weeks. Some cases may require two or three injections. There is another treatment option, which is freezing the fat cells through a device that works. With vacuum pressure, this device suctions the skin and fat into the suction cup. The device then cools the skin and fat and then heats the fat again, which leads to the death of the fat cells. This treatment may take at least two months.

Exercises to Hide the Double Chin

If you prefer physical therapy to get rid of a double chin, you have several exercises that help reduce and eliminate neck and chin fat, such as:

Chin-to-ceiling Exercise

This exercise helps activate the neck and jaw muscles. It should be done 10 to 20 times daily. The exercise requires standing or sitting upright, then tilting the head back and looking at the ceiling, and directing the lower jaw forward for ten seconds.

Lion Roar Exercise

This exercise requires opening the mouth wide, sticking out the tongue to the maximum extent, and remaining in this position for ten seconds. This exercise effectively helps in tightening the chin muscles.

Cheek Exercise

We often do this exercise when we brush our teeth or wash our mouth. This exercise is based on moving the cheek vigorously for ten minutes. You can do this exercise 10 to 20 times a day.

Yoga Exercises for Neck and Face

Through the (anti-double chin) exercise, where the exercise includes tilting your head back and pressing your tongue firmly on the roof of the mouth to help strengthen the neck muscles. It is a preventive exercise to prevent the formation of a double chin, but it is not enough to treat a double chin. We also have neck massage exercises to tighten the skin by massaging the neck upward and outward to stimulate blood circulation.

Neck Skincare

While you are doing your skin care routine, also take care of your neck skin by using antioxidants and sunscreen in the morning, and some retinol to build collagen in the evening, and while applying topical creams, give a gentle and quick neck massage to tighten the skin and stimulate blood flow.

Makeup Tricks to Hide the Double Chin

Makeup Tricks to Hide the Double Chin

With age, the skin loses its elasticity, which leads to the formation of a thin layer of fat under the chin, known as a double chin, which may cause you a lot of embarrassment. Here are some makeup tricks that hide the double chin and restore your self-confidence:

  • Jaw sculpting to hide the double chin:

Choose a contour with a soft, creamy, matte texture. Avoid bronze contour because it will draw attention to the double chin. Choose a color two shades darker than your natural skin tone.

Using contour, start by defining the jaw line from the end of the cheekbone to the chin. Try to balance the two sides of the face so that they are equal. Gently blend downwards. Draw a triangle with the contour, the base of which begins at the chin and the tip of the triangle in the middle of the neck. Gently blend with the brush and add a little powder to set the contour.

  • Choose an angled brush for successful blending and a sculpted jawline
  • The secret to successful makeup is good blending of contour to create soft and smooth makeup and camouflage facial imperfections
  • Use contour colors close to your skin tone so that the contrast between the neck and face does not appear clear.
  • Start directly behind your ear and draw a thin line of contour until it reaches the middle of the chin. Repeat the process on the other side and blend well downward.
  • Avoid applying highlighter to the chin as it will draw attention to the area due to its light-reflecting properties
  • You can also apply contour on both sides of your neck and blend in circular motions with the brush until you get consistent makeup and a smooth neck.
  • You can draw attention to other areas of your face by highlighting them with highlighter on the bridge of the nose, the top of the forehead, and the cheeks.
  • Try to choose eye makeup that draws attention to the top of the face and also pulls the blush upward. Highlighting the eye and cheek makeup helps hide chin imperfections.
  • Bright colors of lipstick will also draw attention away from chin imperfections. Choose exciting colors such as dark red or brown. Also, bright and shiny colors will draw attention away from the chin and put the greatest focus on your lips.
  • Defining the face by contour also helps define the face shape and hide the double chin. It helps give the face depth and attractiveness, and is complemented by chin sculpting.
  • You can replace contour with concealer to sculpt the jaw and chin and hide the double chin. Choose a concealer that is two shades darker than the foundation you are using. Start applying concealer from below the ear to the middle of the chin and blend with a makeup sponge. The concealer creates a shadow that hides the double chin.
  • Extend the bronzing powder on both sides of the face until it reaches below your ears, then complete with concealer to the jawline.
  • Adding a beautiful color of blush to your cheeks will draw attention to your cheeks. Using a thick makeup brush and in circular motions, apply blush on your cheeks, adding a little highlighter on the top of the cheek, and your makeup will become complete.
  • Use eyeliner to help you make your eyes the focus of the makeup instead of the chin area, such as winged eyeliner or cat-eye eyeliner. This will help you draw attention to your eye makeup.

Clothes that Help Hide the Double Chin

Clothes that Help Hide the Double Chin

Have you ever thought about changing your clothing style to hide your double chin? Clothes play a major role in changing your appearance and reducing your age. They are a great help in drawing attention to other areas of the body.

  • Wear a light scarf around your neck in the summer to hide the double chin. In the winter, you can choose coats with a high collar, or modern winter scarves that add an elegant touch to your look.
  • To draw attention away from your chin, wear a shirt with an open collar. Choose a v-shaped collar. This will help you make your neck appear longer and your body slimmer. The longer and downward facing the collar is, the more it will draw attention away from the double chin and give the impression of a longer, thinner neck. There are many shapes of collars that help to hide a double chin, such as a square collar or a sweetheart neckline, try to avoid a neckline as it wraps around the neck and draws attention to the chin area.
  • Choose loose fabrics that are not tight around the neck because they help distract attention from the double chin. Avoid wearing clothes made of rayon or Lycra. You will find that cotton and jersey fabric are more comfortable to wear.
  • Wear dark colors such as red, brown, black and navy blue, and choose beautiful accessories that will divert attention from the chin. For example, wear a red shirt with a long necklace. Avoid short necklaces because they will draw attention to the neck and double chin.
  • Choose a collar that starts below the shoulder, or off-the-shoulder shirts. This collar will create the illusion of a longer, thinner neck because the neckline will reach the shoulders.
  • Try different types of hats. Wearing hats helps draw attention to the upper part of the head. Try round hats and avoid hats with slanted brims. If your face is square, choose round hats. If your face is heart-shaped, then hats with slanted brims will complement the shape of your face. If your face is round, choose hats that are placed on the back of the head.
  • Avoid turtlenecks because they will make attention focused on your neck, and will increase its size. Likewise, shirts with a high neck, or high ruffles around the neck, because they shorten the neck and highlight the double chin.
  • To hide the double chin, use studded and cluster earrings to draw attention upward. Avoid long, dangling earrings because they will shorten the distance between the ear and the chest, making the neck shorter and wider.
  • Avoid necklaces that wrap around the neck because it will increase its size and make it appear divided into two halves. Long necklaces have a similar effect to open collars because they create the illusion of a longer, thinner neck.
  • There are some open collars that contain additional details that will draw attention to the chest area, such as collars decorated with soft accessories, or embroidery or crochet, which draw attention away from the neck and double chin, but make sure that these details are not too high to the top so as not to give the opposite effect.
  • Avoid tight-fitting shirts because they highlight any fullness in the neck or chin area. Instead, choose loose-fitting shirts that flow smoothly over the body.

Hairstyles that Help Hide the Double Chin

Hairstyles that Help Hide the Double Chin

The hairstyle that helps hide the double chin is the hairstyle that helps create the illusion of a more elongated face and focuses on the hair and face to draw attention away from the chin and neck.

  • A layered haircut creates the illusion of thicker hair and draws more attention to the face and hair.
  • The bob cut helps define the face and make it the center of attention, especially if the hair color is suitable for the skin tone. International artist Adele has adopted this haircut in many of her looks, as she appeared with a one-style bob cut with a luscious blonde hair color.
  • A longer, angled haircut is suitable for those with a very round face because it slightly reduces the roundness of the face, helps camouflage the double chin, and makes the eyes appear more prominent, as well as the lips, especially if you choose bright and bold makeup.
  • You can also choose a haircut with longer angles and slanted layers to hide the double chin. This haircut is suitable for those with a fat face because it will focus more attention on the hair.
  • Short, wavy hair: This hairstyle is suitable for those with a round face and a double chin, as the hair is beautifully divided into the middle and the wavy hair falls around the shoulders, with a distinctive hair color such as brown, silver blonde, or platinum colors chosen, which gives a very exciting look and will completely draw attention away from the double chin.
  • Medium length hair with bangs: This hairstyle is amazing because it helps to highlight the jaw line and hide the double chin, by cutting the hair at oblique angles and medium length with bangs in the front.
  • Messy haircut: This haircut has been popular since its inception because it leaves the hair wrapped in a random way until it reaches the shoulder line with long side bangs. This haircut helps draw focus to the hair and helps highlight facial features, which helps hide the double chin, and is suitable for fine hair or light hair because it increases its density.
  • Long ponytail hairstyle: Suitable for women with long hair. You only need to pull the hair back and let it fall smoothly over the neck. This hairstyle helps increase the length of the face, which helps hide the double chin. It is an easy hairstyle suitable for many parties.

The right hairstyle is one that creates an optical illusion between the head and shoulders to make the neck appear longer, or helps draw attention to the beauty of the hair to draw attention away from the neck and chin.

Tricks to Hide the Double Chin in Photos

You may not have a double chin in reality, but you appear in photos with a double chin. It seems unnatural to you, but in reality, there are some positions that you choose before taking the photo that make you appear to have a double chin. Here are some tricks to hide the double chin in photos:

  • When the camera gets too close, you may pull your head back a little, which presses your chin against your neck and makes it appear bulkier. Instead of pulling your head back, move the camera a little away from your face.
  • A very big smile makes a double chin appear. Smile in a natural and not exaggerated way.
  • Always imagine that there is a peach under your chin. Push your face forward and imagine that to take successful photos. This will increase the distance between the face and neck, and the camera will see them as two different surfaces instead of merging them together, making the jaw more defined and the neck slimmer.
  • Try to make the distance between the camera and your head appropriate. Make the lighting above the face to create a shadow under the chin.
  • Whistling position: It may seem strange, but this method will make your neck muscles tighten better, which helps hide the double chin. Tilt your head back and look at the ceiling and put your lips in the whistling position until you feel the contraction of your lateral neck muscles. Continue this for twenty seconds.
  • To hide a double chin, tilt your head up at an angle of less than 45 degrees. Try not to lower your chin because it will appear clearer.
  • Tightening your abdomen inward will make you look slimmer and straighten your spine. It will also tighten your neck muscles, which helps hide the double chin.

Tips to Prevent the Double Chin

Tips to Prevent the Double Chin

The best advice to avoid a double chin is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise to avoid obesity, which causes a double chin. Poor diet, stress, and tension can cause weight gain and a double chin. There are many tips that can help you prevent a double chin. :

  • Eat lean proteins such as fish and eggs
  • Eat a portion of fruits daily
  • Add vegetables with every meal
  • Avoid processed and fried foods
  • Choose smaller amounts of dairy products
  • Add some types of nuts to your food to get healthy fats
  • Exercising, especially neck exercises and face yoga. Regular exercise not only prevents you from getting a double chin, but also protects you from serious diseases such as cancer and diabetes.
  • Taking care of the skin of the neck and chin, massaging it on a daily basis, and using collagen creams to tighten the skin and hide wrinkles.
  • Use a facial slimming corset to tighten the neck and chin muscles and avoid getting a double chin.

The Link between Aging and Double Chin

The most common cause of a double chin is obesity and weight gain, and the genetic factor plays a major role in it, but aging and the natural aging process make the double chin appear more noticeable. Especially in the forties, doctors advise before reaching the age of forty to exercise and take care of a healthy diet.

The problem of a double chin is considered one of the common problems that women suffer from as soon as they gain weight, or due to aging or due to genetic factors, as well as incorrect sitting positions and tilting the head down while browsing the phone for a long time, which leads to the development of a double chin. So you must pay close attention to the way you sit and the type and extent of your food. Your interest in sports, especially neck and face exercises, to avoid developing a double chin.

We hope that the information mentioned in this article about this phenomenon will be useful to you. May you be well, my dear.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hiding the Double Chin

I am skinny and yet I have a double chin. What is the reason?

The causes of a double chin are not limited to being overweight. There are other factors such as incorrect sitting positions and sagging skin due to aging and genetic factors. Having a family history of poor skin elasticity or storing excess fat can lead to a double chin even though the affected person is thin.

Is it possible to hide a double chin with makeup?

The double chin can be hidden by sculpting and defining the lower jaw with contour. To highlight the lower jaw and hide the double chin. Draw a line with the contour from the bottom of the ear to the middle of the chin and blend well towards the bottom.